The 'iPad Lifestyle'

Bye-Bye iPad

Jeff Perry:

After about 2 months of it collecting dust, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my iPad Pro and consequently the iPad Lifestyle. There are a couple of reasons for this, but I will stick with the one that is worth talking about: I simply don’t use an iPad anymore for my work.

No, this isn’t a “you can’t get real work done on an iPad” article. I have gotten real work done on an iPad for years and loved it, but due to some changes in my life the iPad isn’t the best tool for the job anymore.

I know that iOS apps (and iPad apps in particular) have come forward in leaps and bounds since my first iPad in 2010, both in functionality and extensibility. But I’m in agreement with Jeff Perry; there are many tasks that I just find easier to do on the iMac. Conversely, there are tasks that my iPad Mini 4 does better for me. So I’ll frequently have both next to each other, each doing a different thing. For instance, the iPad Mini playing a podcast or radio stream while I’m writing or doing design work on the Mac. The iPad Mini is my bedside alarm and reading device too.

All of my devices share various things that I need during the day—calendar, reminders, to-do list, etc. But I’m realistic in my expectations of what each of them can do. I use them because they’re the right tool for what I want to do, not because they’re ‘cool’, or to be seen to be ‘1337’ or hip.

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